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Bastille Marais

4Batignolles-Monceau1 night
FacadeIdeally situated halfway between the Bastille area, one of the liveliest in the capital, and the Marais, an historical centre of Paris. Narrow streets and passages and 17th century or Haussmann-style buildings are the essence of this neighbourhood. In a seven story building loca...


Rue Cernuschi

9Batignolles-Monceau1 night
Rue CernuschiFrom the sitting room framed with wide windows, to the dramatic dining room and the magnificent master bedroom’s spiral staircase, Rue Cernuschi is choreographed to impress. And once the residence of famed dancer Isadora Duncan, you’ll find this home's history is as ...

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Rue Berri

Rue Berri
Located next to the Rue St St Honoré, one of Paris' most fashionable streets and just minutes from the famous Place de la Concord...