Boulevard de Grenelle

Boulevard de Grenelle

Boulevard de Grenelle


Boulevard de Grenelle

Max guests: 4
District: Vaugirard
Nearest station: La Motte-Picquet-Grenelle
Minimum stay: 1 night

This home's balconies are almost a private Olympus, overarched by roses that could be straight out of a mythical tale. Inside, the sitting room's oxblood sofa is softened with a taupe pelt, while above hangs an oil painting of a night-tossed ocean. Surge down the Champs de Mars to watch over the Seine from its bridge, or foray a little further to the monumental Tour Eiffel herself. And when the sun sets and you anchor back home, the barrel-like coffee table is sure to inspire a fireside feast.

Building and apartment features

  • Babies Welcome
  • Elevator
  • Washer / Dryer
  • Non Smoking
  • Wifi
  • Kitchen - Coffee machine,dish washer(2),freezer,kettle,microwave,oven
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 1.5 barhrooms

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